About Us

VETCycle Services in Cities coming near you. A Veteran driven and owned Pedicab Services.

Veteran Driven Opportunties.

Owner Operated

Tourism Cities 

Our Approach

“Our philosophy” or “Our vision.” is Simply this, We feel that Our Goals are to Accelerates the transition of already working Veterans into owners of a small business by providing access to a VetCycle Opportunity with training, and services to empower them to start-up a business.  VETCycle recruits and trains Veterans to succeed as owner operator entrepreneurs to start-up a small business in collaboration with their current employer.  – If you agree that accelerating an underemployed veteran along a path to small business ownership and economic freedom is a worthy cause, please consider help change veterans from just being employees and workers into vetrepreneurs!

Our Story

Robert DeLucia 

Founder of VETCycle Robert DeLucia Jr.,joined the Army and served in Vietnam.  After serving his country as an Army MP he came back to Pennsylvania and needed to find a job to raise his family. He was waiting to take the civil service test to be a State Trooper when he started driving a taxicab.  He soon was making more money to provide for his family as a cab driver and it was safer so that is the path he choose.  Robert ‘Bob”, as he likes to be called has always been an innovated self-starter and taking his training in the services, he started his own businesses in transportation out of the Pittsburgh area in transportation including VETCycle

Robert DeLucia Sr with his VETLimo in Pittsburgh
Two men in front of Accessible Limousine Car